MEXICAN POP ART — where fantasy meets reality.




The collection of 54 photographs that composes the series Viva La Loteria MX, by Mexican artist Cuevawolf, offers a new perspective by giving life to the famous game of the Mexican lotería, and it conveys the artist’s vision of a contemporary Mexico. With this series, Cuevawolf pays homage to Mexico and opens an artistic window to reveal many of the icons of Mexican culture, their history and cultural relevance. The original game was created during colonial times, 250 years ago. The game is similar to bingo and consists of 54 cards and a board with 12 boxes. Cuevawolf’s revival preserves the characters and original objects, including their nomenclature; and while keeping the essence of the game, she also opens up a direct dialogue between the past and the future to refresh and challenge traditional ideas while exposing modern perspectives. This dialogue invites us to reflect on the concept of Mexicanity–seeking to demystify and modernize folklore without sacrificing its essence. This is achieved by changing the original illustrations for high-end photographs with a contemporary, cosmopolitan aesthetic; full of color, light and life. And even though the symbols of the past may stop shimmering under the modern spotlight, in Cuevawolf’s revival, we don’t find yesterday’s shadows, but new figures that speak with today’s voice. 


Cuevawolf’s work does not only address aesthetic changes, but social ones as well. In images like El Mundo (The World), La Valiente (The Brave One), y La Diablita (The Devil), the artist plays with gender roles by changing the original male subjects for women. While representing these characters in a feminine role, Cuevawolf infuses them with qualities that are stereotypically associated with masculinity: strength, courage and roguery–with the purpose of questioning said gender roles and to bring attention to the fluidity we humans are capable of.


This series of photographs offers an escape to a world that exists between reality and fantasy, and just like Mexico, it evokes a strong feeling of magical realism. If for centuries the game of Loteria has served as a symbol of a traditional Mexico, Viva la Lotería MX is Cuevawolf’s answer to the question: What does it mean to be Mexican?


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