Artists Statement



After spending 12 years living outside of my native country Mexico, our current political climate and the time spent away from home motivated me to pay homage to Mexico. Currently living in NYC, I found inspiration not only in my native country, but also in my frustration with the foreign representation of Mexicans (of myself) and our culture, which tends to be imprecise and unfavorable. With each portrait, I seek to expose misconceptions and stereotypes that linger in our collective consciousness about Mexican culture, that speaks to a young and global audience. 


With this series, I share my love and passion for Mexico, and open an artistic window to reveal many of the most iconic symbols of our culture, their history, and cultural relevance, in a contemporary way and to a current generation.


The distance away from my family also inspired this series, which celebrates the family union that I, like many Mexicans, have enjoyed while playing this game. Since the game is a symbol of the inherent sense of community that is so characteristic of Mexico, through my series I pay tribute to this union and to the hundreds of families currently being separated at the border.


Additionally, to advance gender and social equality I challenge the personality or sex of several characters in the game. By reincarnating myself as La Dama, a character traditionally portrayed as a conservative high society lady, I reinvent her as a liberal, self-empowered and confident woman. It was these qualities that drove me to challenge society's expectations, and get out of my comfort zone at an early age, to explore my artistic voice in a different context from mine, where this series is born.



Instagram:  @cuevawolf